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Get better news data

High Availability
(response time < 1 sec)

Always-on access for instant insights. With lightning-fast response times, you're guaranteed critical information when you need it, without delay.

Advanced Filtering

Refined news data at your fingertips. Our precise filters deliver relevance, empowering informed business decisions.

NLP Processing

Unlock the narrative hidden within data. Our advanced NLP Processing interprets the context, sentiment, and nuances, transforming text into actionable intelligence.

Historical Data: A Time Machine for News

Historical Data: A Time Machine for News

Unlock the Past to Understand the Present

NewsCatcher’s archive is a digital chronicle of the world's happenings, offering articles that date back to the beginning of 2019. Imagine a vast library, where each piece of news is preserved, allowing you to trace the evolution of stories, understand patterns, and derive insights with the sweep of history as your backdrop.

Comprehensive Multilingual Coverage: World of News at Your Fingertips

Explore Global Perspectives Without Boundaries

NewsCatcher's News API makes this a reality, offering comprehensive coverage that spans 70,000 sources across all 195 countries, published in 55 languages. This unparalleled access to worldwide news sources ensures that you're not just informed, but globally enlightened.

Flexible Data Delivery: Tailored News Feeds for Your Needs

Your News, Your Way

Flexibility is at the heart of NewsCatcher's service philosophy. We understand that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to data delivery. Whether you prefer comprehensive datadumps into your object storage or desire a seamless datastream to keep your platforms constantly updated, we've got you covered.

Partnership with Non-Profits: Empowering Change

At NewsCatcher, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive positive change. We are proud to work alongside non-profit organizations such as and TrustImpact, leveraging our news API to support their vital missions.

Enhancing Media Trust

TrustImpact works tirelessly to restore and enhance trust in media.

Battling Misinformation

In an era where misinformation spreads rapidly,'s mission to provide accurate, fact-checked information is more crucial than ever.

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