Frequently Asked Questions


How many news websites does NewsCatcher index?
Does NewsCatcher provide the full text for the articles?
How much historical data do you have?
What is the latency from publication on a source and the time it hits your API?
Does NewsCatcher provide Service Level Agreements (SLA):? If yes, what kind?
Can I request you to cover a new source in the API?
Does the API support entity resolution to identify specific companies or individuals in news articles?

Compliance and Security

What is publicly available news/data?
Does NewsCatcher collect personal data?
Does NewsCatcher prohibit any particular use cases?
Does NewsCatcher have SOC2 Certificate?
How robust is NewsCatcher infrastructure?


How many customers does NewsCatcher serve?
Do you work with governments?
Do you provide dedicated customer service?
Can you help us build our analytics pipeline for news?
How long has NewsCatcher existed?