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“This News API provides our teams with a real-time coverage feed, and we’re able to directly use the news data to run analysis and create visualizations that arm them with important metrics to show the true value of their work to our clients.”
Aaron Goldberg from OutwingHow NewsCatcher helps analyze 200,000 articles a month for Outwing’s clients like Uber, Netflix, Twitch
“The most important question for us was the working relationship. So simply put, whenever we have something, the NewsCatcher team replies, faster than expected. They also solve things very fast. They’re very reactive.”
Leif Nissen Lundbaek from XaynNewsCatcher covers multi-language publications for custom NLP models of the personalized news feed app

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Frequently asked questions

What news outlets do you have?
NewsCatcher supports over 60,000 sources globally. We scrape up to 1,500,000 news articles daily.
Can I add new sources that I need?
We are eager to add new news sources to our API for customers on paid plans. We are delighted to discuss the addition of supplemental or custom sources for our paid customers. Generally, there is no cost associated with requesting new sources if they can be easily integrated and only a small number is requested. If you require a large number of sources or need more specialized integration, then we would like to work out an individual plan tailored just for you!
Do you have the full text for the articles?
The entire body content for each article is accessible and may be used; however, this use must adhere to some conditions. This feature is typically suitable for academic, research-oriented, or private (not public) analysis. In some instances, a small excerpt or summary can be made public with a link back to the original source/article. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out via email; we're here for you! For more details or legal inquiries about copyright issues, consult an attorney in your local jurisdiction.
How much historical data do you have?
Our general API has articles going back to January 2019. For some sources, we have article dumps going back as far as 2017.
What is the latency from publication on a source and the time it hits your API?
Depending on the subscription, you can have near-instant access to published articles through our API. Most content is accessible within a minute or less, while niche publications may take some time (up to five minutes) for article availability.
What filters does the API support?
Besides the search query keywords, we give you over 15 filters to narrow your search results. These include the publication date, topics, languages, sources, countries, and more.
Can I see how many people saw this page?
Do you have the rights to the news data? Is it legal? Do you scrape behind paywalls?

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