Best Google News API Alternative: NewsCatcher API

Looking for a reliable, feature-rich, and flexible alternative to Google News API? Look no further. We at NewsCatcher present the ultimate solution to all your news data requirements for your Natural Language Processing projects.

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All Features of Google News API & more!

With our News API, you receive Google News-like headlines in real-time. But, unlike Google News API, NewsCatcher API covers a broader range of news data sources, ensuring you can access the most relevant information for your project.

A Wide Range of Filters

Discover news content through various filters such as keywords, language, country, publisher, publisher's rank, and topics. Our News API also allows searching by topic including:

  • NEWS

More Flexibility and Enhanced Search Capabilities

Need a more flexible solution than Google News API? Our in-house News API provides access to more than 100 articles per search with advanced filtering options like sources, countries, website rank, and more.

For in-depth searches on specific persons, companies, or events, use the search endpoint with advanced query capabilities like:

  • Filter by date
  • Exact match
  • Boolean operators

Our Handy Python Library For Google News - PyGoogleNews

For easy access to Google News, try our PyGoogleNews Python library. PyGoogleNews is a sophisticated wrapper of the Google News RSS feed that supports:

  • Top stories feeds
  • Topic-related news feeds
  • Geolocation-based news feeds
  • Extensive full-text search feeds

PyGoogleNews differs from other Pythonic Google News libraries by providing:

  • URL-escaping user input helper for the search function
  • Extensive support for search functions with features like exact match, in-title match, in-URL match, etc.
  • Date range (from_ & to_) and latest published (when) search
  • Parsing of sub-articles – this library extracts similar news articles for each article in a feed which is particularly useful for Machine Learning tasks that require data of similar article headlines

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