Why NewsCatcher Was Born

In a world awash with information, the challenge isn't just finding news—it's sourcing reliable, comprehensive news data. The landscape was polarized: large corporations, whose focus wasn't squarely on news, and small outfits offering limited coverage.

As seasoned data engineers, we recognized the critical need for clean, accessible news data. This insight was the cornerstone of NewsCatcher, a venture dedicated to meticulously crafting a vertically integrated solution for news data.

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Our Mission: Elevating Data Quality

At NewsCatcher, data isn't just our product—it's our passion. Quality is the bedrock of our service, setting us apart in a competitive landscape.

Our ambition is to democratize information access, empowering developers and businesses alike to weave news data into their ecosystems effortlessly. We're committed to ensuring that this data comes from reliable sources, providing actionable insights that span the globe.

Our Vision: A World Informed by Every Story

We envision a future where the entirety of the news on the internet is within reach—captured, normalized, and made universally accessible.

Our journey is set towards achieving 100% news coverage, not just as a repository but as a gateway to insights tailored to specific needs, whether through direct searches via our API or through our intelligent, solution-oriented analytics.

The Team Driving Tomorrow’s News

Artem Bugara
CEO & co-founder
Maksym Sugonyaka
CTO & co-founder
Nastia Riabovil
Aditya Singh
Head Of Product
Aakash Saini
Software Engineer
Ibrahim Mahroum
Lead Software Engineer, Data Engineer & DevOps
Margaretha von Boetticher
Eduard Kaliushkin
Operations Manager
Prashant Godhani
Software Engineer
Ena Erjavac
Sales Development Representative
Kateryna Kryvko
Executive Assistant to CEO
Polina Aliieva
Tech Recruiter

Behind the scenes